Wedding day timeline

A wedding day timeline is a timeline that outlines the sequence and time of events on a wedding day.

9:00 Wake up call to Bride, check, travel bag, etc.
9:00 Wake up call to Groom, just get yourself ready, travel bag, RING!
2:00 Bridal Party Arrive + Hair and Make-Up begin
2:30 Photographer and Videographer arrive
2:45 Get the younger boys dressed
3:00 Groom & his side arrives
3:30 Quick rehearsal with officiant
4:30 Prelude music begins
4:30 Bride gets dressed and touch up make up
4:30 Guests start to arrive
4:45 Bridal Party lines up for processional
4:45 Special guest are seated
4:50 Processional Starts
4:55 Bride walks down
5:00 Ceremony Begins
5:30 Cocktail hour begins
5:30 Pictures w/ Bridal Party
6:30 Bridal Party entrance
6:35 Grand Entrance Bride & Groom
6:40 First Dance
6:45 Groom and Bride are seated
7:00 Dinner is Served
7:30 Best Man Toast
7:40 Maid of Honor Toast
8:00 Dancing/Garter/Bouquet toss
9:00 Cake Cutting
9:10 Groom and Bride speech
9:30 End of the reception

Events to Consider in Timeline

  • Arrival of photographer
  • 5:30 Ceremony start time
  • 5:50-6:30 Cocktail hour start/end time
  • 6:30 Reception start time
  • 2pm-3pm Jonny (family and Groomsmen)formal pics
  • 3pm-4pm Sarah (Family and Bridesmaids) Formal pics
  • Talking to all your guests
  • 8:30 Cake cutting
  • Phone numbers for vendors

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