Trash the dress

Mrs. Lemon's Trash the Dress photoshoot
Mrs. Lemon's Trash the Dress photoshoot

Trash the dress is a photo shoot where brides "trash" their wedding dress after their wedding.


Popular Locations

Popular locations for "trash the dress" shoots include:

  • The beach, a pool, pond or lake
  • Buildings/bridges with interesting architectural elements
  • A field
  • Pier
  • Woods
  • Mountains or other rocky area
  • Areas with urban decay
  • State fair
  • Fountains

Trash The Dress Tips

  • The term "trash" may be misleading, as many dresses only get wet or dirty. A professional cleaning service should restore the dress to brand-new quality, enabling the wearer to then preserve and/or keep the dress, or to donate it to charity.
  • Rather than trashing your own wedding dress, consider buying a cheap dress off the rack and trashing that instead. For your husband, you might consider him wearing some less formal clothes of his own. Or, he may just need to plan to rent his suit/tux long enough through the day after your wedding.
  • A photographer looking for "best light" will likely suggest late afternoon for a start time--about four or five PM.
  • If you want a bouquet, you could have a new one delivered to you from your florist, could pick up one at a local grocery store (beautiful flowers for a reasonable price!) or farmer's market. Some brides go without.
  • Most brides just do their own hair and make-up. That is a judgment call. ;-)
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed and ready to go.
  • MrsHoya on The Knot suggests extending your hotel stay so you don't have to check out until after the shoot. She also started her shoot in the hotel room with some "getting ready shots!"
  • Check with your photographer, but you can probably get away with wearing comfortable shoes if your wedding day shoes were not. Wear all your wedding day jewelry, too. You may end up with some great new detail shots.
  • Bring your improv skills! You need to kiss on command and create laughter even if something hilarious didn't happen right at that moment. Don't be afraid to dip, dance, jump in the water, etc. for THAT pic.
  • Talk to your photographer and let him/her select the location! He/she is the professional and may have great ideas that will be aesthetically dramatic and interesting.
  • Brides that have done a day after shoot can attest to how much more relaxed the bride and groom feel--grooms that may have been a little uptight for formals appreciate this laid-back photo shoot.

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