Seychelles is an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Seychelles is becoming a growing honeymoon destination because of its tropical weather, pristine and uncrowded beaches, and a multitude of attractions.


In Seychelles, couples can visit national monuments, Creole houses, marine parks or national reserves. There's also golf, horseback riding and nature tours.

As for the beaches, travelers can swim in the turquoise-blue waters, snorkel or just lay on the white sands.

Seychelles' nightlife is very mellow. Couples can visit the casinos, local bars and their restaurants to enjoy Creole cuisine.


Seychelles' climate is warm annually. There are no extremes. All but the remotest southern islands lie outside the cyclone (hurricane) belt.

During October through March, the north-west trade winds visit and the sea is generally calm. In January and February, the rain is plentiful. From May through September, there is drier, cooler weather with the seas bringing winds of 10-20 knots.


  • The best time to visit Seychelles is any time during the year since the islands have warm, tropical weather year-round.
  • The sun is very strong in Seychelles. Make sure to bring a sun block with a good SPF level.
  • Collecting shells along the beaches is prohibited in Seychelles.
  • No vaccinations are required unless a traveler has passed through an area that has been infected with yellow fever in the preceding six days.
  • Visitors are advised to drink bottled water, although the tap is safe to drink.
  • To explore the islands, couples may rent a car or bicycle, travel by bus, ferry, plane or helicopter.
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