== Wedding Invitations ==

Ah wedding invitations... The quintessential reflection of your upcoming nuptials, wedding invitations capture the essence of the bride and groom, and are a key component in the formal announcement of your engagement. Coupled with engagement announcements and save the date cards, wedding invitations are the backbone of your wedding stationery suite. Finding the perfect invitation can be a daunting task, but also one of the first completed items you will receive for your wedding.

Personalization capabilities have come a long way. Not only can you customize wording and layout (see below), but you can also choose different color and graphics combinations to create truly unique invites to match your style. From ribbons and bows, to pockets and wraps, layered invitations to embossed designs, the options are endless.

Understanding the different printing options will help you immensely. Here is a quick summary of the different print techniques, as well as a dollar sign indicating typical cost comparitively:

Digital Press - The text and graphics are printed at the same time, resulting in a flat printing final product. $

Thermography Press - The text is printed using a special printer that typically results in raised lettering, depending upon the equipment used. The raised lettering is more chic than the flat printing achieved with a digital press. $$

Foil Press - A custom die is created for the text that punches foil (not ink) onto the cardstock. This allows you to print on dark cardstock, as well as have the shimmer capabilities associated with foil. $$$

Letterpress - A custom die (or more often, multiple dies) are created that punch the text and pattern into the cardstock. Thicker cardstock is required, and this is a very manual/intensive process with many steps involved. $$$$

== Wedding Stationery Components ==

Engagement Announcements

Save the Date Cards

Bridal Shower Invitations

Bachelorette Party Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Reception Cards

Response Cards

Directions Cards

Itinerary/Insert Cards

Thank You Cards

== Additional Wedding Stationery Components ==

Place Cards

Table Cards

Menu Cards


Custom Postage Stamps

Envelope Seals

Address Labels

== Wedding Stationery Etiquette ==

Tread lightly lest you offend. There are many components to the complete wedding stationery suite, and each has its own etiquette requirements.

== Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas ==

Invitations today offer incredible flexibility for both wording and layout. The best way to find the perfect wording and layout is to browse the selection at online wedding invitation vendors. You can quickly and easily flip through a large selection, and there is typically a great amount of variety than you will find in traditional wedding invitation albums.

You should have complete control over choosing what fonts and colors you'd like, allowing you to coordinate your wedding stationery with your wedding decor.

== Vendors for Wedding Invitations ==

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