Hair trial

A hair trial is an opportunity to have hair styled in a favored way weeks or months before the wedding to know what works with a person's hair type, hair and bridal accessories (e.g. veil), and the overall style of the wedding dress and wedding day.

Hair trials are typically done by professional hair stylists


  • It is important to bring the stylist "hair inspiration" at the hair trial. Magazine clippings of preferred hairstyles are a great resource.
  • Makeup trials may be included with the hair trial. Check with the salon.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Don't forget to take along your veil and any clips, pins, tiara, or other hair jewelry you plan to wear.
  • If possible, schedule your hair trial before a dress fitting. This way, you can see how your hairstyle looks with your dress.
  • Tips for getting your hair wedding-ready by Mrs. Nachos: Locks to Lust After
  • Tips for a smooth hair trial by Mrs. Nachos: click here

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