A Gocco printing system
A Gocco printing system
A Gocco is a fully self-contained compact color printing system. Gocco printers are an increasingly popular way to DIY Save the Dates, wedding invitations, and maps/directions to a wedding venue.

Gocco printing systems enable you to create professional quality silk screened prints at home. It uses flashbulbs similar to those used in old cameras to thermally imprint an original image onto a master screen, which can then be used to make prints. Goccos can print on paper, fabric, wood, napkins, and even Plexiglas.


Gocco's parent company, Riso, stopped manufacturing the product in December of 2005 due to low sales in Japan. An internet campaign called "Save Gocco!" was started to help find a new home for the product. Although Gocco accessories are still being sold, stores have stopped carrying the Gocco system. Gocco systems are still available on eBay.

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