Engagement pictures

Engagement pictures (or "e-pics") are a set of photographs of just the engaged couple taken well before the wedding. Often, these photographs are taken by a professional photographer and feature the couple in a more casual and relaxed setting. These photographs can be incorporated into wedding and reception elements (e.g. Save the Dates, for display on reception tables, wedding programs, and favors), used for newspaper announcements, and/or simply framed for display in a couple's home.

Photographers are offering this service in their photography packages more frequently, because it allows both the photographer and the couple to become more comfortable with each other, and suggests that the pictures from the wedding day will look more natural and at ease.



New trends in engagement photos include the addition of pets in the photo shoots and having destination portrait sessions. Urban backgrounds and more non-traditional poses are also popular.


  • Be sure to have some ideas of photos in mind ("must takes"). However, it is also beneficial to be open to whatever creative poses that your photographer suggests - you could be pleasantly surprised!
  • Remember that one of the reasons for an engagement photo is to have something to print in the newspaper. As this will frequently be printed in black and white, try to consider your attire from that standpoint.
  • While it's good to have a variety of photos, even the most creative photojournalists will be able to take one or two formal poses.
  • A formally planned engagement shoot isn't mandatory; a friend's snapshot of the happy couple may be able to express their love and excitement just as well.

Popular Locations

  • The Beach
  • Urban Settings
  • The Home You Share
  • Theme Park or Fairgrounds
  • Field of Grass or Wildflowers
  • A Cafe/Restaurant/Bar That Holds Significance To Your Relationship

Shot List

Just like a wedding shot list, some couples give their photographer a list of must have shots. Popular shots include:

  • Holding hands
  • The couple kissing
  • The couple laughing

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