Day of coordinator

Day-of coordinators (or DOCs) are wedding planners who are hired to work only on the wedding day, instead of the whole planning period.


Scope of Services

Day-of coordinators (DOCs) allow planning companies to offer more limited services than full planning. For example, DOCs may be hired to work only on the wedding day, instead of the whole planning period. This way, the couple has total control over every aspect of the wedding but has the ease of mind letting someone else make sure it comes together on the big day.

Like full blown wedding planners, DOCs will be responsible for catching and troubleshooting any issues that may arise on the wedding day, so that the couple may focus on what they need to do personally to get ready.


  • Hire someone you feel comfortable with, trust and like as a person: they are going to be with you and your guests through out the entire day
  • Or, if you have a friend who recently got married and did a good job coordinating things, hire her. She knows what it's like.
  • Don't be afraid to hire someone who is new to the industry; it's a great way to get a good deal on the service. Just be sure to ask what previous event planning experience they have had, how many meetings you will get with them before the wedding, and ask if you can see any organizational documents they will be using to help the wedding day run smoothly. Even a new coordinator should be able to answer questions like these off the top of his or her head.
  • The coordinator should have all of your vendors' info at his/her fingertips so that on the big day you need not be bothered with last-minute issues. Ask all vendors to filter their inquiries through the DOC first. That way, you can concentrate on looking great and being ready for your big day!
  • Remember that if you are getting married at the same place as your reception, that a day of coordinator may be included in the package.


  • Makes the wedding day run smoothly, leaving a stress-free bride
  • Especially useful if you have many DIY elements that you would otherwise have to set up yourself
  • Provides a worry free day for the couple and the family
  • A Day of Coordinator should be able to have their day of fee reasonable enough that it doesn't cut into the budget as a burden...this should be discussed at the initial meeting of the bride or couple
  • The Day of Coordinator should find at least a discount or two "on the house" so that her fees are covered by the discount or free service she can offer as a courtesy to the couple, such as getting them a free leather wedding album, or some item they would have paid for with the money they are going to use to pay the coordinator for the day of service.


  • Not as involved as a full-time wedding planner
  • You will still have to do some legwork in figuring out what needs to be coordinated
  • Cost---although not as expensive as a full-on planner, can still add thousand or more to a wedding budget

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