Bridal shower games

Bridal shower games are a common part of bridal showers.


Bridal Shower Games

Trivia & Guessing Games

  • Bride/Groom Trivia - Before the shower, ask the groom a series of questions about the bride, himself and their relationship. During the shower, ask the bride the same questions and have her try to guess his answers. You can come up with lots of creative "punishments" for incorrect answers: giving her chewing gum, making her take shots, etc. Other fun interactive alternatives is to videotape the groom and play the video during the shower.
  • How Well Do You Know The Bride Game - To play this game you will need to make a list of 10 or so questions relating to things you know about the bride. Each guest is given a piece of paper and a pencil and asked to write their answers down. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game and a small prize. Questions may include: What's the bride's favorite color? What's the bride's shoe size? What was the bride's first job? What's the color of the bride's eyes? What's the bride's favorite band or solo singer? What's the bride's favorite TV show? What's the name of her favorite film? What's the name of her favorite book? What's the name of the bride's favorite shop? What's the bride's favorite food? What's the name of the bride's favorite actor? What's the name of the bride and grooms favorite restaurant? What month of the year did she meet the groom?
  • The Celebrity Match Game - This game tests your guests' knowledge of pop culture! The host passes out a list with one half of a celebrity couple and a blank next to each celebrity's name. Examples include Jennifer Lopez, Nicholas Cage, etc. Guests have five minutes to fill in the matching significant other, and the person with the most correct answers wins!
  • Guess the PJ's/Bra - The shower hosts asks guests to bring their pajamas or bra in a brown paper bag. As guests arrive, the paper bags are numbered. Each guest has to guess which pjs or bra belongs to who - the person who guesses the most correct wins!
  • Guess Her Age - Prior to the shower, the shower host collects a number of photos of the bride at various ages from the bride and guests. The host then covers up any time stamps on the photos. Each guest has to guess how old the bride was in the photo - the person who guesses the most correct wins!

Prop Games

  • Race For The Ring - Purchase plastic ring favors and huge plastic diamond rings and hide them around the room the shower is being held in before guests arrive. The big rings are worth 5 points and the small rings are worth one point. Have guests search for them and person with the most rings at the end is the winner!
  • Steal the lei - Purchase leis or anything that guests can pin on themselves. Designate a word or words that guests cannot say, such as the word "wedding" or the bride and groom's name. If a guest catches another saying the forbidden word(s), they must give up their lei. The person with the most leis at the end of the day wins a prize. This can also be done with decorated clothespins.
  • The Banana Game - For this game you will need two ripe bananas and someone to play music. The first person is instructed to place a banana between her knees and she must pass the it to the next person without using any hands. This continues until the music stops, and the person with the banana when the music stops is out. Add another banana circling from the opposite direction to complicate the game further. Last person standing wins!
  • Hot Potato - Have the guests sit in a circle and pass along a closed box as music plays. When the music stops, the guest holding the box must wear the contents for the rest of the shower. For added fun, make it sound like there may be something tacky or silly in the box. Instead, when the winner opens the box have them be surprised by a pretty corsage or other nice accessory.
  • Cotton Head - Choose a guest to go first, and sit her in the middle of the room. Hand her a bowl full of cotton balls and a wooden spoon, and blindfold her. The object of the game is to pile as many cotton balls on your own head as possible within a certain amount of time (30 seconds or so.) After everyone has had a turn, the guest who got the most cotton balls on her head wins a prize.
  • Cooking Mitts - Paper plates will have words written on it according to the theme of the party. Whomever has three identical words at bottom of plate are the ones chosen to do the race. They each are handed a pair of cooking mitts with a new package of stockings. In order to win the race, each has to wear the cooking mitts and try to attempt to pull the stockings all the way up to the knee. If you want to make it more challenging, they'll need to do it to both legs. The winner gets a prize.

Craft Games

  • Wedding Cake Game - Divide guests into groups and give each group a pound cake, edible glitter, cake decor and icing. Each group has 10 minutes to create the best wedding cake, and the bride selects the winner!
  • Toilet paper wedding dress - Teams of guests create a wedding dress entirely out of toilet paper within a specified time limit. One person on each team serves as the dress model, and the other team members create the toilet paper wedding dress on her. Accessories can be created out of toilet paper as well, e.g. bouquet, veil, jewelry, etc. At the end of the time limit, another guest who did not participate serves as the judge (e.g. bride, bride's mother). The team with the best dress wins a prize.

Gift Games

  • Give and Receive - Purchase a few small prizes. While the bride is opening her gifts, set a timer to a random time. When the timer goes off whomever's gift she is opening at the time wins one of the small prizes. Alternatively, you can pull numbers out of a hat, or select numbers significant to the bride/groom (wedding date, birthdates, etc) and count the gifts as they are being opened. If the numbers are 3, 8 and 22 then whenever the 3rd 8th and 22nd gifts are opened, the person who gave that gift wins a prize.
  • Left & Right Game - For this game, the hostess needs to write a short story featuring the bride and groom. Throughout the narrative, include the words "left" and "right" as much as possible. (ex: "The bride went shopping for the right dress, the right veil, the right purse and the right shoes. After she had everything just right, she left to go meet the florist, who left her a message saying she found the right flowers to go in her bouquet.") You can get as creative as you wish and it's easy to personalize by including names of family and friends and places the couple like to visit. Give each guest at the shower a small wrapped item. (the dollar store is a great source for things) Read the story and each time you say "left" or "right," have the guests pass their item to the person next to them accordingly. When the story is over, the guests unwrap and keep what they have in their hands.
  • Sock Guess - Purchase several pairs of tube socks. Gather the same number of items that the couple will need on their honeymoon -- sun block/screen, condoms, room key, sunglasses, etc. Gather objects that relate to where the honeymooners are going. Let the guests know where the couple is going. Place one item in each sock, tie it closed, and pin a number on it. Guests have to feel each sock using their FEET ONLY and guess what is in the sock. Write down each guess on a sheet of paper. Whoever guesses the most items correctly wins a prize.
  • What Will She Say Next? Game - As the bride is opening her gifts, a friend records all of her comments about each one. (It helps if the bride is a left unaware of the scribe's activity.) Then after the gifts have been given, read the statements aloud, but putting them in a very new context: What the bride will say on her wedding night! This game is a little saucy.

Nostalgia Games

  • Life Thread - Pass around a spool of thread, and tell each guest to break off a piece. (Don't tell them what it's for or how much to take.) As soon as everyone has taken a piece of thread, go around the room and have each person talk about themselves as they wrap their piece of string around their finger. They are not allowed to stop talking until the string is completely wrapped around their finger. Be careful that no one inadvertently cuts off her circulation! In the interest of saving your circulation, you can play the same game with toilet paper. For each square you take, you have to tell the group one fact about yourself. Whoever takes the longest string/piece of toilet paper and can give the most facts about themselves wins.
  • Nostalgic Guessing Game - Mail each guest a 3x5 note card along with the invitation. Include instructions for the guest to write a memory they have of the bride. Collect these cards at the shower, and read them to the bride and have her guess who the memory was from. These can later be added to the bride's scrapbook as a nice keepsake.
  • Bridal History - Have each guest bring a wedding photograph (it could be of themselves or another friend/family member). At the shower, set up each of these photos along with a number next to it (do not write on or attach the numbers to the photos to avoid damaging them). Have each guest write down which year they think each wedding photo was taken (the judge will need to collect this information from the guest who brought the photo). The guest who guesses the most correct years wins a prize.

Other Games

  • Thank You Note Raffle - To help the bride send out thank you notes in a timely fashion, have each guest write their address on an envelope for the thank you notes. Add each of these envelopes to a basket, and at the end of the shower, randomly select an envelope. The guest whose name is on the envelope wins a prize.
  • The Purse Game - Create a list of items that you may find in your guests' handbags. Assign point values to each item, with higher points for an obscure item like pepper spray and lower points for a common item like lipstick. The person who gets the most points wins!
  • Bridal Bingo - Make up Bingo cards for all of the guests with the different squares on the Bingo cards representing potential shower gifts the Bride will open. (It's a good idea to peek at the registry to see what has been purchased). As the Bride opens her gifts, the guests mark their Bingo cards and whoever gets the first Bingo, or comes the closest, wins! In another version of the game, give guests completely blank Bingo cards (except for the center "freebie" square) and let them fill out what they think the guest has gotten. Since people know what they got the bride, and they may have checked out the registry and noticed what had already been purchased, this is a good way to almost guarantee a winner and is also good if you need a shortened version of the game.

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